About Us


Founded in Paris, France in 2017, our goal is to produce High End Jewellery at your fingertips. By Using Swarovski Crystals and 925 Sterling Silver , our craftsmen created unique wearable experiences.Loveableyou is committed to providing you with addictive design Jewelry , exclusively made from original Swarovski Elements.With over 10 years of expertise in jewelry design, Loveableyou, the inspired creator of the brand.And he puts his passion for perfection into practice, offering you exquisite jewelry designed in France and assembled in Germany , to make dazzling Swarovski creations intended to be your jewelry box centerpiece.Swarovski elements do not need introductions. They convey peerless elegance, style and finesse with their eternal shine, making the first addition in every lady’s wish list.These precious little treasures are offered by Loveableyou in a wide selection of unprecedented design jewelry, quality-crafted to perfection. Loveableyou collection started with a variety of Bracelets Designs and has since expanded to include Necklaces. Pieces are made of a combination of different types of Swarovski Crystals, some designs feature 925 Sterling Silver.